For Makers

You use your hands to make something beautiful. Your experience, your skills, your ambition, your eye for details, your love for materials, all flows into your products.

Your energy, your time, your ideas all flows into that making process, giving you both deep satisfaction but also the worry about how you can possibly do all you want to do into the hours you have available. You might have a family that wants to see you from time to time. Perhaps a side job. Or a main job? Or you are running your business full time, wishing secretly one day would hold 48 hours.

It’s a journey. One that I would like to accompany you on. I believe that I can help. How?

First, by creating images and visual stories for you that infuse your confidence and make you want to show your work.

Second, by helping you to bridge the gap between you and your customer. It takes time for us to rethink our purchasing behaviour. Educating potential customers about your process and showing them steps of that helps to strengthen their understanding of the value you are creating.

Third, by delivering high quality work that helps you to stand out.

Fourth, by saving you the time and headache to do all that on your own.

Fifth, by truly believing in you, sending encouraging words your way and by talking about your work online and in person. Not because I have to, but because I love it so much, I can’t do anything else anyway!

For you?

1. Showing your audience who you are

2. Showing your process

3. Showing your products

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