How I help


This is where it begins. With a story. Yours, of course.

Who you are, what you do, where you are at right now. But even more so, why it all matters to you. All is rooted in the DNA of your story. In the words you use when you answer my questions.

This is how we begin together. You talk, I listen. Thoughts unravel. Cups get emptied and are refilled. And here and there, ideas start to emerge. The subtle beginnings of a brandscape.

A brand-scape.

I made it up, of course. But bear with me.

Imagine that your story, ideas & work translate into a landscape. The people stepping into that environment would experience it in a certain way, all depending on its features, the nature of its design.

It’s a unique, tangible experience. A place to visit. No matter whether we talk about the himalayas or a walk in the park.

Out there, all details matter. Things fit together.


It's a journey.

A process. Step by step we construct, shape and reshape the key elements that define your brand.

The words, the graphics, the webdesign, the images, all need to align. When the elements are orchestrated into one recognizable theme, the whole will be way more than its parts.

It will be a heartfelt invitation for your kind of people to receive and experience what you have created for them. To enter the land of…well…that remains to be seen, right?

So let’s fill the tea cups and lean back.

Will you tell me your story?

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