Your work matters.

You strongly believe in creating positive change. With your business, your work, your art, you are dedicated to bringing something of real value to the world.

So then...

…how ARE you bringing it to the world, to the people?

Still some onion layers to peel off?  Then you have come to the right place.

Welcome to your brand lounge! The space for helping you get from brand idea to brand identity and communication.

So this is about branding? Yes, correct!


This is the kind of stuff that I am excited about.

Hi there,

pleasure to meet you! I could say that I am a psychologist, brand artist and personal brand photographer. Which is true.

That I love working with driven and open-minded  solopreneurs or small companies. With coaches, artists, makers, consultants, … also true.

But that’s still barely scratching the surface. What you really need to know is what it is like working with me and, particularly,  how I can support you.


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