It was by accident. Or was it an accident, really?

Somehow, I came across Tristan’s work on Instagram and then asked him if he wanted to participate in my project, The Art of Making. A pro bono photo project showing the process of making of local makers and artisans and artists. An initiative to study and observe but also to support by offering photography and images for free.

Tristan happily agreed and took me to his workshop in Mechelen for a day so I could document different steps of his process of making a small plant table.

Below you can see the transition from steel to table in images.

When Tristan was welding the pieces of steel together, I could not see much. I had a protective mask in front of my face and just saw black with bright light. I had to photograph rather blindly. Although I tried my best to estimate my camera settings before he started, I had no idea what I would actually be able to photograph.

And when you then get images like, this, it’s…magical.

Ready. Beautiful, this piece. And I am so thankful, because I received this table as a gift, as a thank you for the photos I took for Tristan,. Looking at it, whenever I pass by it at home, I just feel so special.

There is such wonder in making something. Utterly impressed by the pieces Tristan makes.

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