More about Andrea

My story

Thinking a lot. Feeling deeply. Picking up on all sorts of social signals around me. That was the was the tune of my childhood and it still is. It is part of who I am.

 I grew up in East Germany, went to boarding school after the wall came down, became somewhat obsessed with England and spent some time there, was trained in Occupation therapy, got married studied Psychology, had a child, had a second child, obtained a doctoral degree in Psychology. That happened in 4 different countries.

Since 2017, I live in Leuven, Belgium, with my family and I am feeling at home here, among so many interesting people from here and elsewhere.

In 2019, I had one serious conversation with my husband, leading up to that one question that he asked me: “So what do you REALLY want to do?”. The answer was surprisingly simple: “Photography”. And that although I had spent more than a decade in the field of occupational therapy/psychology.

Why leave all that behind?

I didn’t. Because my photographic work is based on my experience in psychology, research and occupational therapy. I started my business under the brand Momentuum in 2019 in Belgium and soon realized that what I wanted to specialize in was personal brand photography. Why? Because it is draws on my creative as well as analytical skills.

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