Being an entrepreneur, a (change)maker or artist is wonderful.

But sometimes it is also scary,  tideous, unpredictable, foggy, overwhelming, underwhelming, lonely or numb.Sounds familiar?

I offer you reassurance, a fresh perspective, inspiration and encouragement on your path.

A little dose of what you need

Art lounge


The brand that you create around your business and offer is a world on its own. Rooted within your values, mission and personality. How its landscapes are designed ultimately determines what your customers experience.

Also, that’s not something static. Brands evolve (just like people). It needs maintaining, facilitation and room for exploration.

I am your partner in this process. I help you gain clarity, shape the landscape of your brand and find ease and inspiration in your communicative processes.


Your brandmap

Canva workshop

Looking for ways to be creative and consistent on social media and your brand communication in general? Wanna know how?


I am here to help you tell your story through images and enable you to show yourself and your work to your audience.

The Portrait Day

A moment for you to get a few beautiful studio portraits during a short and sweet studio photo session with natural hair- and make-up included.

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