Unlock your potential

Unlock your potential

There are no words to describe Lieke, really. There is so much potential in that woman, that I am not at all suprised that the name of her business is called “Unlock your potential”.

Because being around Lieke, listening to what she says, is inspiring and disarming. Things feel warm and real and fresh.


Lieke had contacted me for images for her website and hopped onto a brand photography journey with me. Yay, lucky me!

We first talked over Zoom and then started a brainstorming process with a moodboard, which then enabled us to choose a location (Antwerpen) and opted for two shorter photoshoots on two separate days.

This gave us the possibility to review the images of shooting day 1 and refine our ideas for the second day. Also, it was a nice way for Lieke to ease into being in front of the camera lens. We took at walk through Antwerpen and kept the images dynamic and just…like a walk a the park.

A moment of looking.

This series of images was taken on the second shooting day. We had found a beautiful café on our walk, with stunning window light. After a good cup of coffee and (as far as I remember) a yummy cake, we took some playful portraits.
And then there was the story of the paper airplane. We had had the idea of letting sheets of paper fly around Lieke. We also found a staircase outside and Lieke was courageously throwing sheets of paper around. But somehow….it just wasn’t it. Good idea, but…not.
Later on, in the café, the idea of folding a plane came up. I let Lieke play around with it and we had good laughs (I barely could breathe) and I photographed the different stages of folding.

Little did I know that when we thought about the process afterwards, I would start thinking of how the folding and flying of the paper plane reflected Lieke’s approach. Today, Lieke has developed a model of her approach, based on the good old idea of the paper plane and our photo shoot. I am very happy the flying sheets of paper on the staircase did not work out. It made us explore.

From working, experimenting, playing together and creating images, a new idea was born. How cool is that?

Brace yourself! Working together with Lieke has potential. Don’t be surprised, if it get’s unlocked!

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