Vera Stoefs

Vera’s ceramics ooze a sense of elegance intertwined with a good portion of functional minimalism. There is a delicacy to her pieces and also a feeling of down-to-earth-ness (which is probably not a word).

Vera Stoefs

I had worked with Vera before on a project for brochure images. Because she had created new work, she also needed new images for her website and communications.

During our preparation phase, Vera had defined which kind of images she needed and the look and feel she wanted them to have.

We opted for a mixture of images. First, white ceramics on white background to create a very minimalist look. For that, I used flashlight and softboxes to create a very even lighting.

But also images that have an interplay of shadow of light, similar to images that Vera often takes of her pieces to document and show her work online. Here, I opted for natural light. The window light at my atelier was perfect was that.

I so enjoyed our collaborative working style on this project. We spent several hours at my atelier, creating compositions and Vera showed me how she sees her work. I learnt a lot! Seeing these images shine on her website and appearing on social media feels so rewarding. Already looking forward to our next collaboration!


Vera Stoefs


I loved how the images turned out and am very happy with them. They add value to my work.

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