About Andrea

In my work I am interweaving psychology and photography, two fields of work that are deeply meaningful to me.


Thinking a lot. Feeling deeply. Picking up on all sorts of social signals around me. That was the was the tune of my childhood and it still is. It is part of who I am.


As a child, I had a vivid imagination. I contemplated about what it would be like if my room (which had a very high ceiling) would be upside down and I would have to walk on the ceiling. And how the lamp would look like an artificial flower growing in the middle of the room. Now and then, I am still intrigued by that idea and I fabricate images of that room in my head.

I also loved reading stories and writing. I remember my Mother bringing me food because I could not stop reading for hours, being fully immersed in the next move that heroine in the book would make. It was all about the stories.

And it still is. But now it is about your story.


In 2019, two years after our move to Belgium, my husband and I had that one conversation. He looked at me and asked: “So what do you REALLY want to do?”. The answer was honest and simple: “Photography”. And that although I had spent more than a decade fine-tuning my academic profile in developmental psychology. For a while, all I wanted was a doctoral degree. But on the path towards that, it gradually lost its appeal. I still worked hard to obtain it, but in the meantime, had discovered something else: The incredible impact of photography on myself and other people.

And now what?

So here we are, a few years in and I am amazed by how much growth this journey has brought. Of course, that’s not all been rainbows and sunshine, far from it. But it’s shown me one thing for sure: The incredible power that lies in using photography as a tool to overcome boundaries and to connect. This is what I want to bring to your life and your business, too.

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